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Listen to the music from the live theatrical concert, Meet Me in a Moment, written and directed by Aviva Chertok.

Violinist Aviva Chertok and pianist Monika Miodragovic debut their first album, with music of Ernest Bloch, Jonathan Leshnoff, Lazare Saminsky, and Paul Ben-Haim. Featuring the works of four great Jewish composers, these selections are infused with not just traditional Jewish themes and melodies, but also the spirituality and history of the people through its music old and new, ancient and reinvented. 

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Bringing to life the people and stories behind the music.

A recital or a play? It's both! Meet Me in a Moment is a 'theatrical concert,' a new and engaging way to experience classical music and theatre on one stage. 

Inspired by the power of connection, and looking to bring communities back together in a post-pandemic world, violinist Aviva Chertok presents a new onstage experience: a classical music concert reimagined. Meet Me in a Moment connects audiences through theater and music to the lives of composers past and present. Each musical selection for violin and piano is followed by a historically-informed, theatrical scene from the composer's life. Step back in time to Cleveland of the 1920’s and the living room of Swiss-American composer Ernest Bloch; join a rehearsal at the Jerusalem Academy of Music with one of Israel's greatest composers, Paul Ben-Haim; attend a meeting of the Society of Jewish Folk Music in St. Petersburg at the turn of the 20th century with Lazare Saminsky; meet one of America’s greatest modern Jewish composers through a special video screening of Aviva's interview with GRAMMY-nominated composer, Jonathan Leshnoff.  

Written and directed by violinist Aviva Chertok, Meet Me in a Moment is a one-of-a-kind production that brings audiences the beauty of Jewish classical music while immersing them in Jewish history and culture.

Watch the trailer below:

Audience Reviews

 "The words of the program guide were lifted off the page and into informative and entertaining preludes to a beautiful concert. Bravo!"

- Sofia Jouravel, Jewish United Fund's RJD Director

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"It's so beautiful, brilliant, and engaging!"

- Jacqueline Kott-Wolle, painter

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“My husband and I were mesmerized by this show. We felt we were a fly on the wall
witnessing history and hearing beautiful music with top-notch musicians and actor…an

outstanding production that was totally enjoyable and satisfying.”

- Yaffa E.

"All presentations must either entertain, compel, inspire or educate. This show did them all!!"

- Mark F.

Synagogue Service

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First performances of Meet Me In A Moment were made possible by the 2021 Tikkun Fellowship Grant awarded to Aviva Chertok by the Russian Jewish Division (RJD) of the Jewish United Fund and supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group. Aviva’s innovative project was selected to engage the Chicago Jewish community and bring a unique work of theatre and music to the public. 

Meet Me in a Moment will continue to run at community centers throughout the 2022/23 season.

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